MEDİKODENTAL Medical Surgical and Dentistry Materials Tic. And San. Ltd. Sti. Since our establishment in 1986, we have been marketing and selling orthodontic materials to the Turkish Orthodontic sector for 35 years.

Our love for "Healthy Teeth and Beautiful Smiles" has made us offer the products of companies that have proven their worth around the world, through our Istanbul head office, branches in Istanbul Capa, Ankara and Izmir, and 23 employees.

Our aim is to meet all the needs of our esteemed Orthodontists from a single source. As MEDİKODENTAL, we are proud to be the market leader in our field with the product variety we have in order to respond to different demands.

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Orthodontic practice is getting more and more digital with the addition of various softwares for treatment planning and clinical management. Most softwares require high quality patient photographs where dental photography takes time and effort. In this webinar Dr. Cenk Ceylanoğlu will present how to take good orthodontic photographs using mobile phones and basic equipment.



  • Indirect bonding, finishing aligners and retention
  • Digital TAD planning and insertion
  • Digital device design (Slider, GNE, etc.)
  • Closing gaps in missing teeth
  • Ectopic canines and gingivectomies
  • Open bite
  • Retention options
  • 3D printer

 And much more...