MEDİKODENTAL Tıbbi Cerrahi ve Dişçilik Malzemeleri Tic. Ve San. Ltd. Şti. olarak, kurulduğumuz 1986 yılından bu yana 35 senedir Türk Ortodonti sektörüne, ortodonti malzemelerinin pazarlama ve satışını gerçekleştirmekteyiz.

"Sağlıklı Dişler ve Güzel Gülüşler'' ile olan aşkımız, zaman içinde bizi İstanbul merkez ofisimiz, İstanbul Çapa, Ankara ve İzmir'de bulunan şubelerimiz ve 23 çalışanımız aracılığı ile dünya çapında değerini kanıtlamış firmaların ürünlerini sunar hale getirdi.

Amacımız siz Sayın Ortodontistlerimizin tüm ihtiyaçlarını tek elden karşılamaktır. MEDİKODENTAL olarak, farklı taleplere cevap verebilmek adına bünyemizde barındırdığımız ürün çeşitliliği ile alanımızda pazar lideri olmanın gururu içindeyiz.

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The Class II has the highest prevalence among those malocclusions characteristic for patients. However, very often the therapeutic approach to this type of malocclusion is based mainly on clinical opinions, dated and partial information. Frequently, clinicians at the beginning of their orthodontic journey, have difficulties identifying the right choices that characterize the correct diagnostic and therapeutic path, poised between aesthetics and biological limits, between efficacy and efficiency. 

The webinar will demonstrate effective and efficient protocols to address the treatment of Class II malocclusions in children, adolescents and adults with a rational method based on current evidence.

This will include the importance of harnessing muscles, a truly complete diagnosis, bracket selection and prescription, ideal bracket placement, wire sequencing and various types of auxiliaries and aesthetic finishing.
The three characters PDS stand for Physio Dynamic System. Dr. Ron Roncone from California has successfully developed his treatment philosophy over the last four decades. Nowadays the PDS philosophy is backed up by a lot of clinical knowledge of Dr. Roncone and thousands of doctors who successfully implemented the concept in their practice. PDS is not only a purely clinical philosophy including diagnostics, treatment planning and the actual treatment itself. PDS is furthermore a complete concept to organize, manage and run an orthodontic office offering highest attention to patients and their needs. 

In our live event on May 7 Dr. Roncone will give an introduction into the PDS philosophy. As the PDS philosophy is meanwhile spread over all continents Dr. Kitzmantel from Austria, Dr. Schott from Germany and Dr. Demir from Turkey will explain their experiences with the Physio Dynamic System and show some of the cases they have successfully treated.

Registration fee coverage:

  • Streaming of the sessions on May 7, 2021
  •  Free session recordings only for participants via the FORESTADENT Campus until May 14, 2021
So far lingual orthodontics was supposed to be extremely difficult to apply and that only a few specialists would have the ability and time to handle the necessary setup for the indirect bonding procedures. The 2D® lingual appliance, which was studied for a long period and successfully applied from the Insubria study group in Varese/ Italy, has the outstanding advantage that it can be applied directly to the mouth of the patient without the need of doing any setup procedure in a dental laboratory. Furthermore this appliance is extremely flat so that the adaption for the patient becomes much easier. With the FORESTADENT 2D® lingual appliance a good portion of all lingual cases can be treated successfully. During the seminar of Dr. Cacciafesta the participants will understand the particular biomechanics of lingual orthodontics, study some cases which were successfully treated and understand more about the need of individualizing lingual archwires.